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A subtle blend of electronic and acoustic sounds sometimes embellished by sounds captured in Nature, the works he composes not only bring the admiration of the public and professionals alike, but have also won numerous awards.

In 2001, the musical career of Eric BETTENS really began when Luc BAIWIR convinced him to present NYDHIS - a composition in three parts - at the World Festival of Underwater Pictures in Antibes France. The jury awarded him the François de Roubaix prize, the highest award of the festival.


Eric's style both asserted itself and seduced listeners. From 2002, orders for his work flowed in, constantly. In just a few years, he composed the music for over sixty films and documentaries, music for theater, music for dance show ... including several compositions were awarded at international festivals ( Antibes, Marseille, Strasbourg , Moscow, Istanbul , Singapore , Manila and Hollywood ... ).

Several times, Eric Bettens was invited to be a jury member for documentaries films festivals.He also took part in the evaluation of several music software programmes.


During the 2010 season, he composed YVAIN, LE CHEVALIER LION, opera for choir, big orchestra, three soloists and narrator with libretto by Marc RONVAUX, adapted from the novel by Chrétien de Troyes. This work was nominated in November 2011 in the Hollywood Music in Media Awards.

Increasingly , Eric Bettens is requested to perform concerts "Sounds and Lights" in which the video is always important. Depending on the project , it is sometimes accompanied by dancers, musicians or a symphony orchestra.


In 2010, Eric was in Antarctica with Michael AW for the Elysium Shackleton’s Antarctic Visual Epic Expedition. During this fabulous trip, he wrote the music for the film made there, drawing inspiration from the sumptuous landscapes of ice and sensations he had never before experienced. In summer 2015, he went to the Arctic with Ocean Geographic

Despite his success, Eric decided to take further courses at the Conservatoire Royal of Liege in order to study the contemporary composition process in a more academic fashion.


Eric BETTENS was selected to attend a Master Class à Vienna this summer, with Conrad Pope (famous hollywood orchestrator who has worked on Harry Poter, Salt, The last  Airbender, The Wolfman….) and Nan Schwarz.

Besides music dedicated to pictures, Eric performed more personal songs, included 4 CDs: 


Antarctic Odyssey (2014),

Empreinte (2012),

Entre Ciel et Mer (2009),

Discovery (2006).

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